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Shop Different Styles of Snowmobile Boots

Picking up snow sports is never a bad idea and it always great to throw yourself out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Snowmobiling is one of the many snow sports you can pick up and start learning about seriously. A lot safer than snowboarding and skiing, you get to sit in a mobile and maneuver around a snowy area. Of course, with such a hobby you need the proper equipment. Check out these different snowmobile boots and take your pick:

Black and Orange X Cross Snowmobile Boots

Straight from FXR, the best selling boot brand, these pair of boots are no lesser than their fellow pairs. With a BTO Thermostatic midsole insert, an inner fur lining acting as a barrier against cold, a toe kick, the equivalency of 600g insulation and ankle lace lock secure system these snowmobile boots are everything you’re searching for.

GTX Klim Adrenaline Snowmobile Boots

There are many advantages to these snowmobile boots are you’re going to read all of them now. There is a PU midsole which cushions your feet, kicker toe piece for tunnel bolts, a durable board to absorb shockwaves and protect the bottom of your feet, 600g Thinsulate to keep your feet warm in the snow and moisture absorbent materials lining the shoes.

Black Unisex Castle X Platform Snowmobile Boots

You can tell by the appearance of these snowmobile boots that they are very secure and protective. With these shoes, you have a 100% natural rubber sole, leather coated upper, closures made from Velcro helping you to easily strap the shoes on and off. There is also a Castle ColdShield lining the boots offering comfort in temperatures up to -40°.

Black Futuristic Snowmobile Boots

These Klim Radium snowmobile boots are created with utmost care and intentions towards a futuristic design. These boots have an exterior made from pure military grade leather, a padded toe box to give your toes utmost comfort while you’re enjoying your snow sport. More details revealed on the website.