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Re-purpose Old Black High Heels – Easy DIYs

All girls must admit that having a pair of black high heels in their closet liberates them. There is something secretively attractive and sexy about a pair of black heels that is simply irresistible. But there you hit a snag. Having your black heels with you for a long time comes with a price. They either look old, used, worn out and too many people have seen you wearing them. There is no way you can wear them once more without someone exclaiming “these heels AGAIN?” But now you do not have to go through that, check out this list of repurposing ideas for black high heels:

Add Some Jewels

Purchase a pack of jewels along with some strong glue and find a section of your heels that you’d like to see with jewels. You can take inspiration from here.

White Lace

White and black go perfectly together and all you need is some glue and lace cloth. Check out the design here.

DIY Louboutins

With some bottles of nail polish and a brush (bigger than the nail polish brush) you can refurnish the sole of your black high heels. You can choose any color not necessarily red.

Heels on Fleek

Gems and jewels of any type will work but you can use the smallest rhinestones you can find and glue. Start at the top of your heel till the very bottom, with patience. The end result will astound you.

Make it Rain Glitter

What’s your favorite color? Find a LOT of glitter in your favorite color and glue. Take your worn out black high heels and section by section, apply glue then pat glitter on top. You can leave the underside of the shoe but if you want, glitter it too.

French Tipped Heels

If you have pointy toed heels or pumps this easy DIY will be just the one for you. Here you can see the full tutorial