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Top 4 Brands To Purchase Designer Shirts From

Everyone loves having designer clothing items in their wardrobe. Isn’t that the essential reason for why all these brands exist? Given that there are thousands of thousands of brands selling designer shirts all over the world and the internet, it can be hard making a choice about purchasing which brand exactly. The following are four top brands which are infallible when it comes to designer shirts.

Abercrombie and Fitch

The designs featured on this brand’s shirts happens to be a mixed, traditional form of screen printing as well as embroidery and water based screen printing. The designs featured on their designer shirts are generally highly simple and unsophisticated displaying bright color or typography which makes it easy to identify with the brand.

Dolce & Gabbana

Quite distinct in its printing and design, D&G’s designer shirts are very hard to replicate as the fabric happens to be printed prior to designing and cutting it. The overall print used in their designs is vastly variant and includes plenty of variations from photographic elements to embroidery.


Originally a British brand, Superdry fuses together Japanese and American influences in the different color choices as well as designs and prints. More urban in outlook and appearance, the brand’s designer shirts make use of plenty of printing techniques, the most popular of which happens to be the Puff Prints that give off a 3d effect. Another style that combines four different colors together tends to turn heads.


The Italian brand is known for being bold and stunning in every possible manner. Bright colors and intricate decorations, the style is not easy to replicate (at least not for a nominal price). Their prints tend to cover the complete shirt instead of just focus on the front center area. The Versace style is one that is iconic and simply stunning in all respects.