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Slay in These Chic Track Pants Outfits

Sportswear and items are mostly always referred to as boring and unattractive pieces of fashion. But that time has long passed and gone! Now sports items are actually the new fashion trend. Whether you do sports or not, sports fashion wear is a must have in your wardrobe. Especially track pants! You must have seen many people wearing them on daily basis but if you didn’t here are some chic fashion outfits you can derive some inspiration from.

Whites | Reds | Blacks

Mixing together some colors in an outfit gives you the most glamorous of outfits. Start with a pair of black track pants with red lining. Pair with a loose fit white V-neck sweater and a pair of white sneakers/running shoes.

Leather Track Pants 

Leather track pants are a thing! And you will need them for this outfit. Opt for a black V-neck camisole (preferably cropped) and a chic white backpack. A black watch will fit perfectly in with everything.

Baggy Track Pants 

Nothing looks better on a chilly or blustery day than loose/wide track pants. Khaki would be a good color to find a pair of pants from. Pair with a high neck black sweater with shoulder cutouts, paired with a long white trench coat.

Out for a Run….Or Am I?

With this chic attire, people will have no idea whether you are out for a run or to look glam and all! Start with blue track pants, white cropped tank top with a blue hoodie on top. Top off with a metallic silver backpack and a pair of snow-white sneakers.

Puffer Jacket Kinda Look

For this look, you will need fitted/skinny track pants, asymmetrically cut black sweater with a red puffer jacket, black shoes (Yeezys would look fabulous) and a big black tote. You can also opt for a jacket with a hood.