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How to Grow Beautiful Purple Heart Plant in Water

Purple Heart Plant in Water not only stands out with its colorful leaves but is also really easy to look after this way!

Purple Heart Plant in Water

Here are all the details of propagating purple heart plants in water! This will help you to showcase the plant anywhere in the home without any fuss!

Why Grow a Purple Heart Plant in Water?
Low maintenance: Forget about complicated soil mixes. All you need is water!
Stylish Decor: The rich purple leaves add color to any room.
A science experiment: Watch roots develop right before your eyes – it’s like biology class without the tests.

Getting Started

Grow Beautiful Purple Heart Plant in Water 3

1. Get a healthy sample

Grab a healthy Purple Heart plant (Tradescantia pallida). You can find them at local nurseries or pick up a cutting from a plant-savvy friend.

2. Cut off a stem!

Choose a 4- to 6-inch-long stem cutting with a few leaves. Cut just below a leaf node (in plant terms, this is the small bump on the stem).

Remove the bottom leaves from the cutting, leaving only a few on the top. This helps direct the plant’s energy toward root development.

Rooting in Water

Purple Heart Plant in Water 2

Use room temperature, chlorine-free water. Make sure you pick an artistic jar or a vase to enhance the beauty of the plant.

Submerge the cut end in water, ensuring a couple of leaf nodes are underwater. Leaves should stay high and dry.

Care and Maintenance 

To prevent bacteria growth, change the water every few days. Use room temperature water to keep cuttings healthy and encourage root development.

Make sure the plant gets plenty of bright, indirect light. A few hours of direct sunlight in the mild morning sun will do wonders.

Be patient as the roots begin to develop. After a few weeks, you will notice tiny roots emerging from the nodes. Once the roots are a few inches long, your cuttings are ready to be transplanted.

Note: At this stage you can continue to grow the plant in water or transplant it into a pot filled with a well-draining potting mix.

Where to keep Purple Heart plant grown in water?

A Purple Heart plant in water looks great in small glasses or slim vases. Place them on tables – like desks, dining tables or other flat surfaces – for a sophisticated touch.

Can Purple Heart Plant Live in Water Forever?

Absolutely! Like lucky bamboo, Purple Heart plants can thrive in water for extended periods of time. Provide enough bright daylight and change the water regularly to promote their well-being. Make sure, that:

Prune the plant regularly to encourage bushier growth and prevent it from becoming leggy.
Plants can also attract pests in water. Keep your eyes open and combat any infestation immediately.