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How to Wear Ladies Waterproof Jackets Fashionably

Rainy and wet weather is hardly your cup of tea. It is hardly anyone’s cuppa tea! You can, of course, avoid wet weather with a good jacket or rain coat. Ladies waterproof jackets exist and they are quite useful but not so much when it comes to fashion and style. Of course, every lady would want to look her best all the time but with the persistent snow and rain you need to sacrifice one of these. But with these outfits, you have to sacrifice neither! Check them out:

Yellow Ladies Waterproof Jackets 

Yellow is nearly always the color found in ladies waterproof jackets. Tactfully pair it with a white and black striped top, black skinny jeans, knee high black rain boots, your yellow jacket and a pair of gray/black gloves.

Quilted Ladies Waterproof Jackets 

Quilted jackets take up half the markets and stocks of ladies waterproof jackets. With such a jacket, opt for the color black, go for high waisted zippy black leather leggings, black chunky block heels booties, white top with a white sweater tied around your waist. Go for a black handbag with that jacket.

Sleeveless Ladies Waterproof Jackets 

These ladies waterproof jackets are mostly called waterproof vests and look great when paired with hoodies. Start off with a pair of neat black jeggings/skinny jeans, black rain boots, gray hoodie with white detail, large black leather tote and your waterproof vest on top. You can switch the boots out with thigh high leather ones.

Puffer Waterproof Jackets 

Puffer ladies waterproof jackets are impressively taking up a big part of the fashion industry. Opt for a metallic silver one and pair with contrasting colors like maroon and deep purple. Start with distressed black skinny jeans and a maroon sweater. Zip up your silver jacket to the top and pair with a black beanie.