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How to Wear A Burgundy Cardigan

Cardigans are an easy and stylish way to bring warmth to your outfit but not look like you are bundled up in 4 different jackets. Cardigans are lightweight and not bulky yet when found in the right material, they will warm you up real nice. Seeing as you are reading this because you are searching for ways to style a winter outfit, there is no better addition to your outfit than a burgundy cardigan. Regardless of the length of your cardigan, what matters is the texture and design. There are, of course, some dos and don’ts with wearing a burgundy cardigan just like there is with other fashion pieces. Find out about some trusty tips and outfit ideas below:

Leather Leggings and Dress Shirt

Leather leggings are a special addition to every outfit you have. They are not shiny and glossy as latex leggings but they are enough to add just the right amount of style in your look. Pair with a light blue dress shirt and a burgundy cardigan.

Bundle Up Type of Look

If a burgundy cardigan is not enough to make you feel warm then there are other items you can add to your outfit for warmth. Opt for a white shirt with denim jeans, booties and your cardigan. Then choose between a beanie or a scarf.

Prim and Neat

Every girl loves a neat look. Achieve one just like how you want it with high waisted black jeggings, tucked in white blouse, stylish belt in any neutral shade, black booties/knee high boots and a burgundy cardigan. If you want you can add a gold watch and a Michael Kors bag.

Simple and Casual

You will need either leggings or skinnies for this look. Pull them on with a long shirt that preferably reaches the thighs and match with your long burgundy cardigan. Strap on some ballet flats for the perfect laid back look.