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Bustier Top Outfits for the Fashionista

It is every girl’s dream to look like an aesthetic. Because aesthetics are not themed singularly, there are many you can choose from. And one of them consists of the bustier top. You may have seen this fashion piece on many girls’ bodies in outfit pictures and on Pinterest. It resembles a bra but is a little longer reaching to the middle of the torso. There are many ways you can add this top to your outfit and look super chic and cute. Some of them are listed below but if you have more ideas do leave a few in the comment section.

Skirt and Blazer

Whatever bustier top you have in your wardrobe will do for this outfit. All you need is a skirt and a blazer/jacket/cardigan to complete the look. Most of the times a thigh/knee length skirt is used in these outfits but you can add your own ideas.

Floral Leggings and Gladiator Sandals

Whether spring has arrived in your country or not, it is time to pull out those floral patterned leggings. If you do not currently have them get a bunch from Polyvore. Use cream, white and light yellow colors for this look.

Ombre and Tulle

Tulle skirts are a definite must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Their ruffle-y nature always win the hearts of many. With a tulle skirt you can add a patterned bustier top. Floral, striped, dotted and other patterns are all perfect picks.

Denim Cutoffs Aesthetic 

One of the most popular bustier top looks that you see everywhere is with denim cutoffs. Choose a black sweetheart neckline top for this look and simple sneakers to keep the outfit simple yet sophisticated.

Elephant Pants and Boho Jewelry 

Choose a studded/ruffled bustier crop top with a pair of elephant pants and do not forget the stack up bracelets and bangles.