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Silk Blouses and Silk Skirt Outfits

Silk is one of every girl’s favorite materials. It is very healthy and comfortable on the skin. Pajamas, skirts, shirts and blouses can all be found in a silk material option. And who would not want to purchase a silk clothing piece when given the option? Let us take a look at silk blouses and silk skirts. A bit over the top you may think but they actually combine together perfectly. If you do not currently have a silk blouse and skirt at hand then you might want to contemplate these outfits before heading out and shopping so you can have an idea beforehand.

Black and White 

A real classy choice! You can pick out go for black silk blouses with a white silk skirt or vice versa. It would be nice to find some patterns on either one of the choices for plain colors would look very bland and formal. An example!

Patterned Top, Plain Bottom

Another great option you can go for when browsing through the silk blouses’ section in the store is this one. Find a patterned silk blouse and pair it with a plain silk skirt in a color that may or may not be present on the blouse. The last part is optional but many like to incorporate it for a fashion aesthetic.

Mini Skirt & Leggings

For winter, a lady’s favorite outfit is a blouse, skirt and leggings. Throw in an overall and it is all done. So why not use this same tradition with a silk blouse and skirt? No harm in that! Find a high rise skirt that reaches to the middle of your thighs and maybe a high neck blouse? Or a full sleeve, full neck one? The choice remains yours but the style remains same.

All Angel White

White is definitely an elegant color especially in the season of snow where the land is painted white. Try out a plain white silk blouse and a white skirt but add some dazzle with sequins or glitter!