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How to Make Your Own Capri Leggings

Having a lot of leggings in your wardrobe is never a problem. Every girl cannot ever get enough of leggings. They can be worn as pants, under dresses, for working out and best of all they perfect every outfit they appear in. But like always every girl wants a change in her wardrobe staple. And if leggings are your wardrobe staple then you should probably check out capri leggings. These types of leggings reach just below your knees or around the middle of your calves and are a fresh change compared to your usual leggings. Now, there are many girls who wear these on regular basis and are a big fan of them. If you love them too but do not know where to find the perfect pair, here is a tutorial on how you can make your own capri leggings at home.

You Will Need:



Sewing Machine


Things can’t be simpler with this easy way of making capri leggings. First, you need to determine, how short do you want your capris to be. Whether exactly below the knee or right above the ankles with a few inches, it does not matter. You need to make a choice. Wear your leggings and stand in front of a mirror with your chalk. Mark the area where you want to cut the leggings with your chalk. It is optional that you try to see how that will turn out by folding inwards the remaining fabric after the mark you made.

Lay your leggings on a flat platform and below the mark you made with an inch, start snipping. That inch will come in handy when you are stitching the seam. After you have cut off the extra part of your leggings fold in the extra inch you left behind and pin it/iron it flat. Use your sewing machine to stitch along that hemline.