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How to Style A Plus Size Romper

Rompers are fun to style and play with. They are an easy fashion piece that you can freely style with ease. Not to mention you have such a huge variety to choose from. For those who do not know what rompers are, they are a one piece suit consisting of a top joined with a pair of shorts that mostly reach the middle of your thighs. The top on the other hand is way more variant than that with different necklines and sleeves. Overall wearing a plus size romper is like wearing a blank canvas that you can freely customize and style according to your liking and depending on where you are headed:


Usually adding jewelry to a plus size romper outfit is not necessary for if you go for a patterned one, it is quite enough. With a statement piece of fashion like that you do not need to add accessories but if you still want to a necklace OR a bracelet would do. If you are choosing gem necklaces then go for colors that contrast. Opt for chunky bracelets!


Sometimes wherever you are headed to, you can’t simply wear a plus size romper on its own. Instead go for an overall like a cardigan or blazer. If you want, you can go for a long, sweeping thin kimono like coat. That will add style and charisma to your look.


Many girls like to choose sophistication instead of simplicity when they wear a plus size romper. Heels are nearly always their first option. But if you want to stray off that path, choose gladiator sandals. Also if you want to go for a totally inventive look then sneakers or boots are a lovely choice you can opt for.

Other than these 3 main items, you can add other things like a handbag/sunglasses.