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Types of Denim Playsuit Washes

Jumpsuits are known to be the trendiest one piece suits in the markets. They are even worn at big events like parties and by celebrities on the red carpet and award shows. Point is, jumpsuits are everything! But it is time for jumpsuits to move over! Please welcome playsuits. A women’s all in one garment that most of the times is super casual, chic and easy to wear. There are no complications of fittings or anything of that sort. It is just an easy fitted garment that every girl loves for its versatility of styles and designs. And possibly the best type of playsuit is the denim playsuit. With its different wash types and colors, you always have a collection to choose from:

Abrasion Wash

A denim playsuit with abrasion usually looks aged or worn out which adds to its rugged beauty that some people really adore. Frayed spots are mostly seen on abrasion washed playsuits.

Acid Washed

The acid wash look is divided into 3 different types of washes which are; snow wash, moon wash and marble wash. All of them have their features which differentiate them. Take your pick!

Atari Washed Denim Playsuit

Ever seen those creased faded lines on jeans that many people love to sport? If you want your denim playsuit looking rugged in that way opt for an atari washed one and rock that look with a camo jacket on top.

Enzyme Wash

Because of the natural way this wash is done there is no judging how the end product will look like. Impressive and amazing is guaranteed but there is no way you can label each result for the enzymes used in changing the color of the jeans are natural not machine work. Each enzyme washed playsuit is unique in its own way.

River Wash

You could say this wash type makes a denim playsuit look vintage somehow. A process of gracefully aging the fabric is carried out and the end result looks stunning. A definite must have.