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Tips on Wearing A Lace Playsuit – Different Occasions

Playsuits are a fun way of adding some naughty in your wardrobe but not being very blatant about it. A lace playsuit delves more into the sexy category and still make you feel comfortable in your skin. And that is not the best thing about it. If you take a look at other clothes that are all about appeal, you will notice that they are either too spazzy or hot as in too hot to handle. These types of playsuits are safe and you can wear them anywhere you want without worrying about the weird glances from everyone. But after you have gotten your hands on a lace playsuit now you get to the part where you have to style and accessorize your look. Need a hand? Read some of these tips:

Casual Outings

Heading out with a couple of friends/family/relatives? Going shopping? No problem you can still cute while running normal errands. Choose a longer playsuit that reaches around your knees or even lower if you can rock it. Pair with sandals that may or may not be gladiators and a pair of shades.

Fancy Evenings

They do not necessarily have to be evenings but if you are heading to a fancy event of some sort then a clutch and a pair of heels are the perfect combo with your lace playsuit. Peep toe and lace up heels (excuse the pun) are the best choices to make.

Glam Parties 

You want to go full out with this look. Go crazy with the glitter eye makeup and razor sharp eyeliner. Slap on the boldest red lipstick and the highest heels and strut your stuff to that party. Bring all the eyes on you and enjoy the attention while you are at it because next morning will be absolutely horrendous with that hangover. Rock on!