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Beautiful ‘Rose Succulents’ Look Like Tiny Blossoming Flowers

Recently, succulents have evolved from simple houseplants to trendy home accessories. In addition to their easy-care nature and the seductive, jade-like colors, plant lovers appreciate the water storage plants because of their diverse variety of shapes. In the past we’ve seen succulents that look like burrowing bunnies and leaping dolphins. Now we’ve discovered some that magically mimic the delicate look of freshly blossomed roses!

Formerly known as Greenovia dodrentalis, the species of “rose succulent” features rounded petals that are layered in symmetrical patterns reminiscent of a blooming flower. They typically grow in clumps and only reach a height of 15 cm at maturity. However, don’t let their small stature fool you. The rose-shaped succulent is a hearty and cheerful little plant that blooms frequently and enjoys a sunny climate comparable to that of the Canary Islands, its homeland.

Although it looks more like a flower than a fleshy plant, Greenovia dodrentalis is just a regular succulent. Its petals are a beautiful shade of green and feature the fine spines characteristic of the desert plant. In addition, unlike roses, they require little water and also thrive indoors, making them a perfect plant for flower lovers who have limited space in the garden!