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Garden Fence Ideas for Simple

When I visit a new client, the first thing I do is look at their limitations and what their condition is. A garden fence or wall serves an obvious purpose, but rarely do you want to accentuate the edge of your property – in a small garden, it’s more common to draw attention inward by layering the space and making it appear larger. In a larger garden, perhaps one with a view, the general idea is to draw the eye through a beautiful view of the open countryside without being interrupted by the harsh lines of a fence or wall.

Borders, especially those used for security and privacy purposes, can be expensive and time-consuming to replace, especially if you have a dispute with a neighbor over who owns them. Most fences have a front (attractive) and a back (where you can see the posts and frame – less attractive) and the general – and very British rule of thumb – tends to be for the fence owner to see the attractive side in their neighbour garden as a favour.

Here are some ideas on the best fences for urban and country gardens, as well as design tips to help them become a part of the garden fabric rather than being an eyesore.