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Shop Stylish and Durable Black Ballet Shoes

Ballet is a very important type of dance and it is known that you can’t execute the dance properly without ballet shoes. Thankfully there are so many different types of ballet shoes and slippers that you can take your pick from. Black ballet shoes, however, seem to be a staple that every dancer has. Below are some different styles and designs you can check out:

Canvas Black Ballet Shoes

Available in black, ballet pink and white these black ballet shoes have a full leather sole and a singular strap reaching across the wearer’s foot.

Split Sole Canvas Black Ballet Shoes

Hand stitched with care and style these black ballet shoes are also acquirable in 3 different colors. With a cotton lining and padded heel, comfort is all that you’ll be getting from these shoes.

Ballet Shoes with Full Grain Leather Sole

These classic ballet slippers with a padded interior for your heels and toes as well as an elastic instep have a full synthetic suede sole and an elastic drawstring created to provide the perfect fit for all.

Sansha Split Sole Black Ballet Shoes

Made from canvas these shoes have split sole allowing the wearer to comfortably bend her foot to the utmost extent. The pre-sewn arch on the shoe helps in keeping your foot snug and in place while wearing it.

Freeform Black Ballet Shoes

Every ballet dancer has to try these freeform black ballet shoes out. Feel free to perform any dance in this shoes made from sheepskin leather and Nylon spandex. These have a split sole and suede sole patches for added comfort.

Capezio Unisex Black Ballet Shoes

Capezio produces the best black ballet shoes and this handstitched pair with a split sole is a perfect example. With twin straps that help in keeping your feet in place, dance away in these wonderful shoes!