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What To Wear With Brown Boots

Brown seems to be a very popular color in the fashion world. It is not exactly a dark color, nor is it a very bright one. Perfect to wear for work and for glamorous events like parties, you can’t go wrong with the color brown. Brown boots are a very popular pick in winter for many women. It weighs perfectly between a “black” type of outfit and a “colorful” type of outfit. Here are some trendy options of what you can wear with brown boots:

Broad Belt and Midi Skirt

A modest look that still comes off as a sophisticated and trendy one, is one that you should pick for an especially busy day at work.

Monochromatic Outfit with Brown Boots

A monochromatic look is not usually a first option for many ladies, so if you opt for one today you can stand out amongst the others. Playing with different shades and hues can be especially fun when you have brown boots.

Skinny Jeans and Blazer Look

Black skinny jeans will look awesome with a pair of brown boots for the color contrast is beautiful. A little below the knee is of perfect height. Weighing out the skinny look with a blazer is a perfect look. If you want, you can switch out the blazer with an oversized sweater/shrug.

Mini Skirt and Sweater

With thigh high brown boots you must pair them with a mini skirt. The skirt can be of any color, it does not matter (brown matches with everything) but black is preferred as it looks great with brown. A sweater is a perfect pick to wear with a mini skirt for a short/tight top will just make you look trashy.

Oversized Sweatshirt and Brown Boots

A very simple look, this one is! You can wear it wherever you want but if you do not feel like showing too much skin opt for leggings or pantyhose underneath.