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Beige Leggings Better Than Black Leggings!

Nearly every girl has a pair if not a bunch of black leggings in her wardrobe. She likes to pair them with nearly every outfit of her choice to make it look trendy and casual. Although black may be a great color, it gets sort of mainstream and boring. If you are looking forward to switching up that fashion norm you are following since ages then there is no better thing than beige leggings. Beige is a color that is exactly like black. It matches with everything and makes sure to flatter you all the time. Although you should not mistake these color leggings with flesh colored leggings.

Better Light Colored Outfits

Black usually puts a curtain on the mood when it comes to outfits. Although you can definitely pair it with other stylish items, nothing beats the fresh loveliness of a beige leggings outfit which consists of a simple white top, floral kimono and white heels.

Looks Great All Year Round

Even in winter when people say you should wear dark hues to match the weather a pair of beige leggings will look flawless with a white knit sweater, a scarf and knee high brown boots. A very versatile outfit that is open to accessorizing and styling, you can add jewelry, hair accessories and even an overall like a coat or blazer.

Playing with Different Beige Shades

Your outfit looks considerably dark and out of place when you wear different black shades in one outfit. But it is the opposite when it comes to the color beige. A prime outfit that plays with different shades would be: beige leggings, an off white button up shirt and a brown fur coat. Top off with a pair of black booties.

Bedazzled Leggings Win

You do not see many different types of black studded/glittery leggings. And when you do they look off in some way. Go for a pair of beige leggings that are either glittery, shimmery or are bedazzled in any way for a perfect party look.