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How to Expertly Wear A Purple Blouse

Purple is a very lively color which seems to be matching the changing weather right now. With winter’s days getting a little longer and the daylight hours are warmer than before, you can’t deny that spring is coming. In some places, spring has already started as you can see the flowers blossoming and pretty little bugs spreading their wings and taking flight against the azure blue sky. Now, is the perfect time for you to start choosing your clothing colors carefully. Dark hues do not really match this fresh and lively weather so why not opt for a casual purple blouse for your day?

Cute Purple Blouse Outfit Ideas

There is an endless amount of looks you can achieve with this simple purple top. For example, a very effortless look would be: black skinnies, a purple blouse, chunky sandal heels. This is a perfect work outfit as well as a casual one for any errand you want to run.

Playing with different colors is also an imperative part of creating a purple blouse outfit. For instance switch out the black skinnies with white slim fit denims.

Skirts are also another item that will guarantee you an attractive outfit. Partner your purple blouse with a knee length skirt of any color you prefer and strap on some heels.

Matching Colors with Purple Blouses

Because, you will be faced with a lot of different purple shades to take your pick from when shopping for a purple blouse, that increases the amount of colors you can wear with this specific top. Below is a list:

  • Purple with lighter shades of purple (periwinkle, amethyst, violet, grape)
  • Purple and oranges
  • Purple and yellows (lemon, banana, blonde, pineapple)
  • Purple and greens (lime, olive, pear, mint)
  • Purple and blues (teal, cyan, azure)
  • Purple and pinks (watermelon, taffy, bubblegum, coral, strawberry, peach)