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Different Types of Platform Shoes for Women

Footwear fashion has gone far since it first started and many have seen the craziest trends, styles and designs ever created. But there is one type of shoe that is the perfect blend between crazy and beauty. Over time, the shoes have been repeatedly worn by many women and celebrities making them a popular trend amongst youth over the years. Now, you can see platform shoes for women worn everywhere and they are greatly loved by teenagers. Stores everywhere are selling all the different types of platform shoes. Find out what different types are there:

Platform Heels

Created for disco dancing and partying you can easily walk around and do a little hip dance in these thick heels without toppling over or making your ankles feel like they are wrapped in red-hot barbed wires.

Platform Boots

Who does not love boots? Taking the traditional footwear items up a notch, forget about booties! Platform boots are both sexy and add height to your figure without hassle.


Something between a sandal and a platform shoe, there is not one girl who does not like this design. You can wear these shoes with dresses, skirts, jeans…etc. They will always look immensely stylish and timeless.

Platform Sandals

Summer is coming and everyone is stowing away their boots and switching them out for sandals. Ditch your mainstream, old sandals for platform ones that will never fail to add dimension, taste and feminity to your look.

Heel-less Platforms

At last, arriving at the very end these shoes are straight up bizarre but still end up in the platform shoes for women category. So they must be listed! Lady Gaga seems to be the face of these shoes as she is seen wearing them at live concerts and all the time. They are also referred to as fetish shoes and basically put you through a great deal of pain. But, still stores stock them because everyone loves to have the attention on them for some time.