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Contemporary Mother of the Bride Suits for the Elegant Lady

It is satisfying enough to see your little girl grow up into the flourishing woman she is, with her flaws and all! After all these years of taking care of her and making sure she makes the right decisions, she is now finally going to get married. The event in itself is a wonderful celebratory thing and it also gives you the chance to dress up and feel glamorous. Not that you already aren’t but dressing up for a wedding is a completely different feeling. Mother of the bride suits are as big of a deal as the bride’s dress herself for you shall be the one standing next to her and you have to look your best. Here are some ideas to help jog your inspiration:

A Two Tone Dress

A very elegant choice in dresses, two-tone mother of the bride suits do not only look gorgeous but also unique. Opt for gorgeous colors like white and nude, blush pink and white, olive monotoned, silver and gold…etc. Pair with a petticoat or jacket and stilettos.

One Shoulder Dress

One shoulder dresses make simple yet gorgeous mother of the bride suits. You do not even need to accessorize or think of overalls/additional accessories. Just a hairdo of your chocie and a pair of heels to match your lovely dress.

Burgundy and Gray 

Colors play a big role in the mother of the bride suits. Start with a burgundy dress, with a V-neck, 3/4 sleeves and prefferably has a little flare around the waist. Pair with a gray coat that reaches around your knees or the middle of your thighs and black strappy heels.


Going full on with either patterns or material is a great idea when you are contemplating mother of the bride suits. A dress like this one can prove to be a great example of what you should be going for. Elegant and gorgeous!