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Which Tops to Pair with Striped Skirt

Stripes are never going out of fashion. No matter how many new fashion trends come your way, it is always a good idea to pull out your good ol’ striped skirt and bring back an awesome fashion trend. There is something about striped skirts that makes them special. They are timeless and unique in their own way. Disregarding what color or size or length they are you can always pair them with a chic top and slay. But which chic top? There is not only one top that matches with your skirt. There is a plethora of tops that match with such a beautiful skirt and here you have a list of all the possible ones you can pick for:

Black and White Striped Skirt

Whether vertical or horizontal, the direction of the stripes does not matter. Blacks and whites have a very outstanding feature that gives them an upper hand. Every color matches with black and white. That includes: more black, more white, pink, green, blue, yellow, red, brown…etc. Keep in mind that every shade of the mentioned color is included as well.

Blues and Reds

These calm colors match with other light ones like teal, cream, beige and pink. Any light and calming color in your wardrobe matches with blues and reds.

Bumblebee Stripes 

For a springy and sunshine-y look, go for a yellow and black striped skirt. Black and very light blue shirts would be the perfect match with this one. You can also opt for white because it matches with everything

Gold Stripes

If you have any gold highlights or details or stripes in your skirt then, the options of a matching top immediately broaden. Gold is a magnet to many attractive colors like white, grey, black, pink, blue and red. Rock any gold striped skirt outfit you have with the aforementioned colors.