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What to Wear with Red Ankle Boots

Red is a fantastic color that needs to find a place in every girl’s wardrobe. Not only is it the color of lust, but is also incredibly stylish. You can find it in many different shades and hues, increasing the chances of you filling your wardrobe with them. Red ankle boots are one of those items that subtly find a spot in your shoe closet everytime winter/fall swings by. Especially the shoes available in matte red color. Their simpleness urges you to wear them everywhere you go. If you have run out of ideas on how to wear red ankle boots or are searching for new ways to spice your wardrobe take a read:

Leggings | Jersey Tank | Statement Blazer

This is the simplest and easiest look you can go for when wearing red ankle boots. Tuck your tank in your leggings to imitate a jumpsuit look and add a chunky gold belt to hide the waistband of your jeans (completing the jumpsuit look).

Layers with Skirt 

Layering your tops is always a good idea especially when you are working with a collared blouse and a sweater. Complete your trendy and chic look with a mid thigh length suede skirt in any color of your choice.

Street Outfit

Forget about looking tip-top all the time and opt for casual, street look with these items: distressed/frayed cropped jeans, worn out shirt, cardigan, socks and red ankle boots. Paying attention to little details like showing your socks and messily tying your laces plays a big role in keeping your outfit looking street.

Long Leather Skirt with Trench Coat

Going for an overall long and flowy kind of look is best paired with red ankle boots. Choose a high waisted skirt and go for a thigh length trench coat.

Dungaree and Jacket

Dungarees never go out of fashion and they always look smart and on point when paired with a pair of ankle boots.