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Grow Herbs Year Round Without Soil With this Method

Do you want to know how to do it? Grow herbs all year round without soil? Well, we have a super easy method that even a newbie can use!

The Kratky Method 1

Hydroponics is a fascinating way to care for plants indoors and you can use the same method for this too Grow herbs all year round without soil!

Using the Kratky method Grow herbs all year round without soil

The Kratky Method was developed by Dr. Bernard Kratky developed it as a cost-effective and low-maintenance hydroponic system. It requires no pumps or electricity and is therefore accessible even to beginners. This is how it works:

I. Container: Start with a container, such as a mason jar, a plastic container, or any container with a lid.

II. Lid with holes: Cut holes in the container’s lid to accommodate mesh pots or small cups. These holes will hold your plants.

III. Nutrient solution: Fill the container with a hydroponic nutrient solution. Make sure you leave some space at the top.

IV. Plant placement: Place your herb seedlings or cuttings in the mesh pots or small cups. Their roots should dangle in the nutrient solution.

v. Maintenance: As the plants grow, their roots enter the nutrient solution and the system becomes self-sustaining. Just make sure the nutrient solution stays at the right level.

Herbs perfect for the Kratky method

With Kratky hydroponic systems you can grow many herbs without soil all year round. Here are some great options:

1. Basil

The Kratky Method 2

Basil is a master at growing in water as long as it gets enough bright light. Its fragrant leaves grow vigorously in this system and provide you with fresh basil for culinary delights.

2. Mint

Mint is another herb that thrives in Kratky hydroponics. You can grow varieties like spearmint or peppermint for refreshing tea and garnishes.

3. Coriander

The aromatic leaves of coriander grow quite well in the system. Keep harvesting and watch the plant grow back stronger! It is ideal for adding spice to your dishes.

4. Parsley

Curly or flat-leaf parsley thrives particularly well in Kratky plants. Harvest fresh parsley for garnish and cooking.

5. Chives

The Kratky Method 4

These mild, onion-flavored herbs are easy to grow hydroponically. Chop fresh chives for salads, omelettes and more.

6. Oregano

Oregano is a powerful herb that adds a delicate flavor to Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Hydroponic farming ensures a constant supply of fresh leaves (for better flavor) all year round.

Benefits of Kratky Hydroponics

  • Setup is easy with simple containers and a few components. Beginners can start their hydroponic journey easily! Since neither electricity nor expensive nutrient pumps are required, running costs are minimal
  • Ideal for small spaces making it perfect for indoor gardening. It also makes it possible to grow herbs all year round.
  • No frequent watering is required once set up, which is beneficial for people with busy schedules.
  • Herbs grow faster and healthier in a controlled nutrient solution.

The Kratky Method 6

The Kratky method opens up the world of hydroponics to hobby gardeners without the need for complex setups. With just a few household items and a little care, you can enjoy fresh herbs indoors all year round.

Try this simple and rewarding approach to hydroponics and enrich your culinary adventures with homegrown flavors.