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What to Wear With Blue Flats

Blue is known to be a very fresh, lively and ever-changing color. No matter whether it is winter or summer at your end, the color will take it upon itself to match the atmosphere in a very cheery manner. How? Seeing as there are multiple different shades and hues of blue, you are free to use any that complies with the current mood. For example, a suede navy blue suits the dreary weather of winter while a vibrant cobalt blue looks exceptional on the warm sunny days of summer. If you have a bunch of blue flats or are searching for ways to style your outfit with these shoes then these ideas below will be of much use to you:

Baby Blue Flats

What an adorable color! Of course, nothing looks better with these blue flats than a pair of contrasting denim pants. Opt for high waisted, slim fit jeans with a bright white tunic/poncho/longline tee. Pair with a brown tassel bag.

Blue With Black 

Black is another awesome pairing color with blue. It looks classy as well as demure, actually a perfect work look. Start with black slim fit jeans (not skinny, it looks too casual), a white top and a navy blazer.

Feeling Blue

An experimental and positively vibrant look you can opt for is with a pair of blue flats and skinny jeans of the same color. The jeans can be distressed or ripped, your choice! Pair with a woolen blush sweater and gray coat.

Shorts Look

Shorts look very preppy when paired with flats. Denim cutoffs or white shorts can be your two choices. Opt for a colorful and snazzy top. Maybe a banana yellow or lime green? Opt for a white handbag and red lip.


With a pair of bright blue flats, a metallic outfit looks great. Either a dress or glittery shorts and a sequin top.