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How to DIY Your Own Custom Sneakers

The idea of anything personally customized makes anyone loose their mind. Custom clothes and shoes are a dream come true for every person has their likes and dislikes. Sometimes you want a pair of shoes with your favorite anime character on them or a shirt with a logo/phrase that you like. You can’t always find such items in the stores of your local marketplace. But when it comes to custom sneakers, you can actually make them on your own. Not, as in customizing them on your own but instead customizing them yourself with colors and all. Find out how:

Sharpies and White Sneakers

If you have white slip ons, vans or converse and are searching for ways to make them look more stylish here’s one. Get a sharpie (or a couple in different colors) and get down to work. Let your imagination flow through your fingers and create doodle masterpieces on your sneakers.

Galaxy Paint and Brushes

Many people love galaxy designs and styles but you do not have to splurge on some galaxy custom sneakers. Instead get different color paint, a sponge (optional) and some brushes. Here’s some inspiration

Glitter and Sequins

Making your custom sneakers look bright and bedazzling is an easy job. All you need is a load of shiny stuff like glitter and sequins/studs and glue. Hot glue will be needed for sticking the sequins and studs in place.

Bleach and Start Fresh

This is a great tip for those people who have colored sneakers like orange/red/green and you want to customize them with colors but can’t do that with a color base already present. Use Clorox Bleach to turn your sneakers white and use them as a canvas for your artistry.

Unique Laces

Adding all the color that you want on your sneakers is an amazing idea but do not forget to change the laces to any unique item. If you have made a floral/glittery design try to use ribbons instead of laces.