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Different Types of Beachwear for Women

Let’s go to the beach, each! Let’s go get a wave! What do you say? Going to the beach is always an enjoyable expedition. The sunshine and beach waves mixed with the sheer happiness of being some place so beautiful mingled with the fun time you can have gives you a proper break (that you needed). And those are not the only things that are very exciting about a beach trip. Getting a tan is also one of the major concerns for girls. But, to get a good tan you have to make sure you are wearing proper beachwear for women. And of course because every woman in this world goes to the beach, beachwear for women has vastly expanded and you have hundreds over hundreds of styles and designs to pick from. There are various types of women’s beachwear as well and below you can read about quite a few:


These are more commonly referred to as one piece suits. You may recognize them from that name! Swimsuits are made from different fabric types and usually leave the arms and legs completely bare and free. They earned their name when professional swimmers wore them to freely move their limbs and arms underwater. They come in various styles that expose more skin than just your limbs. Some have cutouts around the waist and others are strapless exposing more back and neck. You can shop one pieces at SwimOutlet.

Bra and Shorts

Beachwear for women is versatile and for those ladies who’d like to opt for something more covering than panties, go for shorts instead. Roxy stocks a cute lot of them.


These offer most skin exposure and result to you getting a fuller tan. Make sure you slather on that suntan before you get burnt. The BrazilianBikiniShop and BooHoo stock everything you need.

Beach Wraparounds

These are mostly just wide pieces of cloth that are tied around the waist or shoulders. Some women like to temporarily use them to spread on the sand before lying down. Upon getting up they dust the cloth off and wrap it around their waist.