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What to Do with Old Blue Skinny Jeans

It is very easy for blue skinny jeans to look old and worn out. Since you wear them a lot, or they are very comfortable; you cannot slow down the speedy decline of your skinny jeans. You have 2 options to go for. Either throw away the jeans or…repurpose them. Below are 3 awesome ways to DIY your old blue skinny jeans to brand new chic ones.

Rip the Knees or Anywhere You Want

Ripped jeans are always in style and look awesome. But you do not have to purchase ripped jeans so you can rock them. You can also make them at home. All you need is chalk, scissors and sandpaper/nail file. Mark the spot you want ripped and make a mark with your chalk. Fold the leg of your jeans in half and focus on the area you marked. Snip it. Now to make the “ripped” effect use a nail file/sandpaper to roughen-up the threads!

Freestyle Art

With fabric pens or permanent marks use the hem of your blue skinny jeans as a canvas. Go for geometrical shapes or maybe an entire scenery of blue sky, trees…etc. Some like to draw the galaxies on their jeans. You can also choose the back pockets of your jeans as painting canvas.

Ombre Jeans

You can choose whichever end that will start with the ombre in this DIY. All you need is a bowl, water and bleach. Soak whatever part of the jeans you want bleached in the water and let it sit for a few. Then add the bleach to the water in the ratio of 1:3. Since you want an ombre effect make sure you withdraw 5 inches of the jeans from the bleachy water every 10 minutes. Until you completely bleach your jeans and create an ombre effect.