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The Key to Wearing Dresses for Prom

Prom is a real huge deal for every high school girl. And no doubt she tries to make the biggest deal out of it ever! From the elaborate dress to the salon visits to the nail care regimes…it is all a huge hassle. Might even get in the way of her studies. But all in all it is a one time thing that leaves a big impact on a girl’s life. Not only can she reflect back on such a heartfelt moment but it may or may not be the biggest event of her young life. So it has to be super special. Starting with the basics, before prom with months you have to know all about how to wear dresses for prom. If you are weeks away, the tips are easy. You will get them!


The makeup on your face makes a big part of the look. With the right makeup and the tastefully chosen colors, you can either break or make your look. Depending on the dress you bought, choose makeup accordingly. For example:

  • Light Dress Colors = subtle/nude eyeshadow and matching colors for lipstick
  • Vibrant Dress Colors = smokey eyes and subtle lips
  • Bedazzled Dress = match the bling with some glitter eyeshadow and bold lip


All your friends and foes will be there on that day. Probably trying their best to look better than you! And every single one of them will be disdainfully gazing at your choice of footwear. Unless you want to go for statement sneakers, go for the most gorgeous pair of heels ever. If you can try expensive then go but if not, choose matching colors and/or glitter. Not to mention styles like platform heels, wedges, gladiator heels always win.


Your choice of jewelry will also be looked upon…critically! So make sure of that! Your earrings are a must. Dangly ones suit specific face types, so go for hoop ones as they match all face shapes. Necklaces and bracelets depend on the dress so choose accordingly. Rings always look good, so be comfortable.