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Quirky and Clever Ways to Hang Houseplants

From floating pots to upside down planters, we have a lot to offer Quirky ways to hang houseplants to help you decorate your home in style!

This Quirky ways to hang houseplants is a fresh approach to bringing a vibrant touch of nature indoors and transforming your home into a green oasis. Get ready to experience ideas that combine practicality with aesthetic charm!

Quirky ways to hang houseplants

1. DIY hanging metal scaffolding

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 1

2. Pots on the wall

If you want to add some greenery to your home, there is nothing better than wall pots. With a simple hook and ring you can do this too.

3. Wooden hangers and belts

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 3

A wooden hanger made from dowels and straps to hang plants seems unconventional and unique, but it’s definitely worth trying.

4. Tiered Plant Hanger with Shelves

With a small rope and some pieces of wood you can also make this tiered, original hanger for your favorite foliage.

5. Macrame hanger on a metal rod

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 5

Look how beautiful and elegant these whimsical macrame hangers are! Hang them on the walls or get a metal rod to hang many in one place.

6. Floating shelf idea

This floating wooden shelf is perfect for vining plants and offers plenty of space for many pots. Use chains or ropes – just make sure they are sturdy.

7. Basket hanging from branches

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 7

Grab a withered branch from your garden and hang wicker baskets and utensils to make an original houseplant hanger! You can hang these with anything.

8. Whimsical Boho Houseplant Hangers

Using a colored rope and a pot of your choice, you can make this whimsical hanger for your houseplants in under an hour. Even less.

9. Metal stand with hanging pots

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 9

Invest in a metal stand with multiple arms and top each with a hanging pot for a layered display of houseplants. Hang any pot.

10. Long macrame hangers from the ceiling

Do you need something extraordinary? This idea of ​​long macrame pots hanging from poles on the ceiling is perfect for you!

11. Wooden wall bracket

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 10

Take some wooden dowels and tie them together to make a sturdy hanger. You can hang as many pots as you like. Even ones made from recycled sheet metal.

12. Metal baskets on the wall

Look how perfectly the shine of these whimsical metal baskets complements the vibrant greenery that grows within them. Why don’t you try it yourself?

13. Cute Kokedama Hanger

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 12

Kokedama hangers are cute and quirky at the same time and look like a ball of foliage. You can hang these anywhere.

14. Mini Terrariums

Get terrariums with hooks and use a rope to transform them into original hangers for your houseplants. They are like hanging mini gardens.

15. Metal rod stand

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 16

If you have an old cart or stand, you can use it to hang beautiful planters. You can use plastic hooks, ropes, chains and more.

16. Hang pots on wall brackets

You can find inexpensive wall mounts made of wood or metal. These are sturdy and can withstand the weight of any pot you hang on them.

17. Pots on tension rods

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 18

Get some tension rods and attach them to the wall. With a few pots, it becomes a whimsical idea for hanging houseplants.

18. Flower pots on the walls

Nothing beats hanging houseplants in original wall pots designed to stick to the wall. They also come in different colors and many sizes.

19. Hang pots upside down

Quirky Ways to Hang Houseplants 20

These upside-down planters look quirky and unusual, but add a wonderful touch to hanging houseplants.

20. Hanging coconut pots

These hanging jute rope wrapped coconut pots add whimsical, natural beauty to your home and showcase your houseplants in style.