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What to Wear with Green Tops

Playing with different colors in your wardrobe is always recommended by fashion experts. Sticking to one color as your staple and always wearing it is a huge NO! Life is too short to stick to one fashion color and not take the plunge and experiment with bold colors like yellow, hot pink, purple and best of all green tops. Green is a super lively and fresh color that you should always have a few shirts of in your wardrobe. Whenever in doubt of what to wear pull out a trust green top but do not waste too much time thinking of how you can blend it in an outfit here are some kickass suggestions you can check out:

Dark Green Tops with Black Jeggings

Do you have black skinny jeans? Of course you do! Who does not? Not only does black match with literally everything but with a dark green top you will look exceptionally on point.

Mint Green Top, White Blazer and Ripped Skinnies

Green is a great shade but mint green is just the cherry on top of the cupcake. And it so happens that white and mint and a distressed shade of denim blue match perfectly. The look is super fresh and perfect on a bright spring day. Or whenever you’re feeling great.

Green Tops with B&W Striped Skirts

Green looks great with black and white so why choose between the two major matching colors? Pick a black and white striped skirt and pair with any green top you have for a chic and trendy look.

Dark Green and Burgundy

As ridiculous these two colors sound together they actually look awesome together. A dark green crop top will look impeccable with a pair of burgundy tights or skinnies.

Greens and Light Blush Pinks

Green and pink pair together very well but when you play with the intensity of these 2 colors you get a great result.