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Most Fascinating ‘IT’ Plants

The most fascinating It plants

1. Colorful Monstera

The most fascinating It plants of 2021

The natural holes in the Monstera’s colorful foliage look fantastic in shiny pots.

2. Royal colorful banana

If you love camouflage leaves then this is the plant for you!

3. The colorful Calathea

The most fascinating it plants of 2021 2

Calatheas are always a wonderful choice when it comes to colorful foliage!

5. Earth Star

The most fascinating It plants of 2021 3

The Earthstar’s contrasting foliage with beautiful pink edges is a feast for the eyes.

6. Alocasia Zebrina


Alocasia’s lush greenery and slender foliage are a must-have for 2021.

7. The silver satin

The most fascinating it plants of 2021 4

Add sparkle to interiors with the silver-green foliage of the Scindapsus plant.

8. Fig

plant pink

The tall and green room fig is a great plant for living room corners.

9. Snake Plant

The most fascinating It plants of 2021 5

This beautiful and air-purifying houseplant will always be the first choice!

10. Rubber plant

Just come to the stores

The rubber plant’s dark reddish-green foliage is a true beauty.

11. Pearl necklace

The most fascinating It plants of 2021 6

The string of pearls looks great in chunky planters and is a perfect choice for table tops.

12. Coffee plant


With its deep green foliage, it is a great choice for uniquely shaped planters.

13. Macode’s Petola

The most fascinating It plants of 2021 7

The jewel orchid is the IT plant to grow if you’re a fan of showy foliage.

14. Skeleton Key Philodendron

The uniquely shaped leaves of Philodendron elegans add a special charm to interiors.

15. Chinese Evergreen Tree

The most fascinating it plants of 2021 8

There is hardly a better plant for small containers!

16. Coleus

Add a touch of beautiful color to hanging baskets with coleus.

17. Philodendron Paraiso Verde

The most fascinating It plants of 2021 9

This stunning Philo will look simply magnificent in any room of your home.

18. Stromanthe Triostar


This plant’s striking foliage adds a pop of color.

19. Silver Vase Plant


The beautiful flowers of this plant harmonize perfectly with the slender, silver-green leaves.

20. Silver Inch Plant

The long and slender stems with bright leaves look great in living spaces.

21. Calathea orbifolia

22. Fittonia

23. Prayer Plant

24. Begonia

25. Balfour Aralia

26. Tradescantia Tricolor

27. Satin Pothos

28. Peperomia

29. Butterfly Plant


30. Billbergia Hallelujah

31. Pearl and Jade Pothos

32. Philodendron Burle Marx


33. Variegated African Violet

34. Comb of Thorns Century Plant

35. Marble Queen Pothos

36. White Knight Philodendron

37. Cupid Peperomia

38. Angel Wing Begonia


39. Freida Hemple Caladium

40. Dog’s Ear Plant