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Varsity Jackets for Girls – Shop and Know About Them

Varsity jackets are a very popular pick for famous and sporty high school guys. They are always seen sporting them and the jackets look great but nearly always are in the same color. Red and white with black detail on the sleeves and sides! But just like every other clothing item, there is a version of this jacket for girls. Yes, varsity jackets for girls are available at various outlets and stores. Below is a list of popular colors they come in.

Dark Blue and White

The piece of the jacket without the arms is completely blue with white buttons and a striped blue and white collar. The sleeves are white with blue stripes at the cuff. Same is the case with the hem.

Charcoal and Light Grey

You can find a version of this on eBay with a hood and stickers on the front in the color light grey. Sleeves are light grey with grey stripes on the cuff.

Pink and Black

A tasteful choice of colors and the result is fantastic. Black body with pink buttons and embroidery! With a band of black and pink at the very bottom of the jacket!

Red and Grey

A great varsity jackets for girls this one follows the same template of the rest but may or may not have a sticker on the front. The stretchy cuffs are striped red and strangely look like candy canes. Ho ho ho!

Shop Onlien for Varsity Jackets for Girls

Jacket Shop  is a store specifically created for varsity jackets. They ship worldwide and have a ‘customize your own varsity jacket’ option.

Polyvore is famous for its fashion collections and varsity jackets for girls are no exception.

Forever21 is one of the most loved and appreciated stores to every girl alive. And their collection of varsity jackets for girls is outstanding.