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How to Style A Crochet Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the best things to ever enter your wardrobe. They are not only safe and all about coverage but there is something super elegant about them that makes you just want to get tons of them. Some girls are so obsessed with these types of dresses that they wear them all the time. And who can blame them? Maxi dresses sure are show stoppers. They are always available in the prettiest of designs and styles regardless of where you are shopping. Today you will be reading all about the crochet maxi dress. Another cute style from the list of many designs and no one can ever get enough of it! But if you would like an idea on how to style a crochet maxi dress expertly without looking like you don’t know what you’re doing keep reading:


With a blindingly white crochet maxi dress, you do not want to steal the limelight from the dress. Instead, opt for a simple tropical themed necklace and a few knuckle rings. Flats are best worn with such a look.

Go Crazy with Jewelry 

There are two ways of wearing jewelry. Either very scarcely or crazily. Pick a traditionally designed crochet maxi dress and pair with stack up bracelets, arm jewelry, big rings and dramatic eyeliner. Boho hair clips and stick on tattoos complete the look.

Boots Look

Everyone thinks maxi dresses are to be worn with heels only but you can bend that stereotype. Choose a maxi dress that falls a little higher than your ankles and strap on big laced boots.

Platforms and Flats

Heels are of course the most likely footwear choice you will choose but think for a second. Flats hold their own type of beauty too. Platform shoes, on the other hand, look super chic and contemporary.