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Vivienne Westwood Dresses: A Review

There are many famous designers in the fashion industry who compete with producing the best and most unique items. Whether it is something as small as a scarf or bigger than a wedding dress, fashion designers’ minds are from another world. But looking at one specific British fashion designer; Vivienne Westwood.

Known for materializing punk rock and street fashion in to dresses and other mainstream fashion items she has made history with her designs. Talking about designs, she has produced items ranging from watches to shoes to bags. But, right now let’s take a look at Vivienne Westwood dresses. As seen from the images below you can’t find these dresses available at Walmart on the hangars. But, boy oh boy! Aren’t they a work of art?

At first glance Vivienne Westwood dresses may seem as ‘eyesores’ or unsuitable for many people. But as we take a closer look at the intricacy and actual simplicity of the dresses, we are astounded. Take for instance the third picture where there is nothing over the top. Just a casual floral pattern with a cinched waist and belt! The layers complete the look with a touch of flair and elegance.

Most of the designs are not created for everyday wear but for special events where you want to look your best. For example the second picture showcases a true masterpiece. Not only is the dress super elaborate but you can see yourself wearing it to a famous fashion gala. Maybe a fancy dress party hosted by your company’s head!

Taking notice of yet another unique feature of Vivienne Westwood dresses; most of the colors used are always muted or faint. The matte red, dusty crystal green, bluish-grey, faint brown, peach, brushed yellow-white…etc. The list goes on and on and so does our compliments for Vivienne Westwood dresses.