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White Cocktail Dress – Leggings Or Nope?

Some ladies are not comfortable with wearing short dresses that expose a large area of their legs. That is completely fine because there are pantyhoses and leggings available for those women. But there are some types of dresses for eg. the white cocktail dress is always regarded as “better worn without leggings”. As nonsensical as that term can be, some ladies take it seriously thinking if they add leggings to their white cocktail dress outfit, they’ll look odd or ugly.

That is a common misguided opinion towards fashion. Fashion is a way of wearing your clothes. A lady must not always regard her clothing as sexy or attractive. Sometimes comfort and ease should be one of your top priorities. Same is the case with your favorite white cocktail dress. Do not limit your wardrobe to long dresses that make you feel secure. Go for short and exciting dresses for there are methods to cover up your legs.

Every dress looks great with a pair of leggings or pantyhose. That is a fact. You can’t possibly change or transform your dress outfit with a pair of leggings. So it is always a great idea to wear leggings with your white cocktail dress. But a great tip would be to go for white pantyhose or black with your white cocktail dress. Skin colored leggings are not that much of a great idea because the outfit will look odd and unbalanced in a way.

Wearing leggings under a short white cocktail dress is also a good idea because if the weather drops at night, your legs can stay covered and partially warm. It is always a great idea to keep yourself covered and be at complete ease. Besides, a white cocktail dress is only worn to cocktail parties where the main objective is to have fun and live a little.