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Women’s Long Jacket Outfits

How do you feel about switching up your winter wardrobe a little with something way more chic and stylish? There are many winter overall items that you can find in stores but none seem to match the awesomeness of your wardrobe, no? Anyway, there are many reasons why many winter clothing items in stores do not comply with the tastes and likes of many people. But with a long jacket, you hardly can say no to it. The style and charisma which opposes to that of a long coat will make you want it more. If you love the idea of it check out these outfit styles below:

White on Black

A long jacket in the color white is something that many women can’t refuse. You won’t either! For this look you will need a black cami tucked into high waisted black knee ripped skinnies. Top off the look with black Adidas sneakers, a white long jacket, and a black leather clutch.

Sophisticated Work Look

Including a formal work look with a long jacket increases the sophistication and chicness of your attire. Start with a white scoop neck top tucked into low rise black skinnies with black suede booties, a white long jacket, and a black leather handbag.

Hipster Messy Outfit

This look deals with casual and effortless items to be in your wardrobe. You want to start with a pair of cuffed distressed blue skinny jeans with a brown belt, white full sleeve top and a black long jacket.

Sweaters and Long Jackets

Sweaters look great in every winter outfit. For this ensemble, you will need a simple beige knit sweater, black leather skinnies, and a black long jacket. Roll the sleeves up and adorn both your wrists with a gold watch and bangle.

Longline Tee Look

Longline tees have become very famous nowadays. You will need a white tee of such kind, a long jacket that reaches its same length and black leggings with booties.