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LA Gear Sneakers: Shop the Raddest Styles for Men and Women

Your fashion wardrobe must change once you laid in LAX airport. The style and trends there are completely different in a good way. One thing you have to make sure of is you must buy some LA Gear sneakers. Matching the upbeat nature of the city they are designed for comfort and glamor.

Black and Red LA Gear Sneakers

Everyone loves to change their fashion style once they land in LA. The city of glamor and style! These black LA Gear sneakers with red detail have a pure rubber sole and a perforated toe. Looking super stylish yet formal you can wear these everywhere.

Shiny Gold LA Gear Sneakers for Parties

A pure combination of wit and style these LA Gear sneakers are a product from rapper Tyga himself. The black lining of the shoe gives it a calm yet vibrant aura. The collar and tongue of the shoe are padded for premium comfort while the upper is made from suede and patent leather.

LED Lit Pink and Metallic Gold Women’s LA Gear Sneakers

Light up shoes are super fun to have around and they make perfect party wear. These gold LA Gear sneakers have a row of pink LED lights around the bottom heel area. The laces are also pink and there is some pink plaid detail.

Iconic Liquid Chrome Silver LA Gear Sneakers

After the shiny gold LA Gear sneakers made a breakthrough the company contacted Tyga again and they brought their resources together to create this masterpiece. Featuring the same material detail as the gold one, these are booming!

Red and Black LED Lit LA Gear Sneakers

You can never get enough of light up shoes. With a different set of material and detail, these red and black LA Gear sneakers are lined with printed nylon with an upper of leather and mesh.