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Informal Dress Shirt Outfits

.A dress shirt is known to be a formal wear item. But since when has fashion being abiding by hard and fast rules like this? Everything can be maneuvered, changed and transformed into a way cooler and chicer outfit. Same is the case with dress shirts! Although they are for super formal occasions like business meetings and such there is always an opportunity for you to create from them a casual and trendy outfit. If you have no idea how to do that, here are a few outfit ideas to get your inner fashionista up and running:

Dress Shirt with Formal Pants

So far you can’t really tell this outfit is a casual or informal one. But it is actually the details that matter! Leave the first two buttons of your shirt unbuttoned while rolling up the sleeves one fold. Go for a straightened hair look and pair with black heels.

Denim Shorts Look

You can go for a patterned dress shirt for this look. Keep the first button casually unbuttoned, roll up the sleeves and tuck the shirt in your denim shorts. The perfect pair of shorts you can opt for is a frayed/distressed one.

Leather Skinnies and Light Blue Dress Shirt

If you want a totally hot and ‘popping’ look opt for a pair of leather leggings with your dress shirt. Not only will it draw attention but you will look amazing. Tucking the shirt is not necessary but keeping the first button open is.

Wide and Baggy Dress Shirt

This look actually works with a long dress shirt alone. Yes, no bottoms. So you have to find a really long one that reaches around your thighs. You can either fasten a belt around your waist or go for a sleeveless shirt for a preppy look. If you are not comfortable with no bottoms then opt for a pair of floral shorts.