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Short Tops: Advantages and Where Can You Wear Them

A woman’s wardrobe must be full of many different types of shirts and tops. Be it blouses, dress shirts, tanks, tank tops…etc. Variations are neccassary and needed all the time for you cannot keep a certain type of shirts in your wardrobe and wear them all the time. In that way your life will definitely take a boring turn and you will not feel as lively and happy. Versatility is important. An option you can contemplate would be short tops. These are different than usual t shirts because they are a mix between informal and formal.

The length of short tops is very convenient for many women as it reaches just below the navel. That is a perfect measurement as many women like to wear an airy t shirt that is not informal and does not show their mid section. Short tops can even be worn to work on an especially hot and humid morning.

You can find these short tops in many variations like cap sleeves, sleeveless, button up, scoop necked, patterns and different lengths. You can also wear short tops with skirts and they will prove to be less of a disturbance for when you go for a longer shirt you have to tuck more of it in your skirt and it gets all creased. But with a short top you can tuck the ends and wear it all day. If you choose to ditch the skirt you are wearing and go for a pair of skinny jeans, simply remove the tucked in ends and they will not be creased or wrinkled.

You can also create simple and casual outfits with short tops. Pair them with some soft leggings or pajama shorts. Or you can turn these simple short tops into something extraordinary like a glitzy and comfortable clubbing outfit. Find a short top with glitter or sequin detail and take your pick from skinny jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts…etc.