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Holiday Outfits to Make You Stand Out

Holidays are a beautiful time to celebrate and sit around family. Being the center on attention in such moments truly touches your heart and the only way to do so is if you have super big news or just are sporting the chicest outfit ever. Want to know how to do that? There is a slew of different holiday outfits you can make with the simple contents of your wardrobe. You do not need anything special unless you are going for the bedazzled outfits that feature sequined tops and glitter leggings. Without hesitation read all about the outfits below:

Burgundy Romper 

The color burgundy seems to be a big deal in the holidays. Pair a romper in that color with black knee ripped skinny jeans, brown suede booties and a gold watch.

Graphic Tee with Army Green Jacket

Most gorgeous holiday outfits are made with graphic tees. Especially if you are heading over to some rowdy party. Pair your graphic tee with an army green jacket, black leggings and black boots. Go for a silver beaded belt.

Black Crop Top and Sequined Skirt

What can possibly go wrong with this look? With a full sleeve black crop top, a silver sequined skirt over some black leggings; you will look like a model. Make sure to add a black glitter clutch with a pair of black thigh high suede boots.

Thigh Slitted Maxi Skirts

Lavish holiday outfits are nearly always featuring maxi skirts with thigh high slits. Reason is, they look stunning! Go for a burgundy full sleeve top with a black maxi skirt featuring the slit and pair with black gladiator heels.

Gold Shimmer Pants 

Gold is known to be another top favorite color of holiday outfits. Go for a pair of slim fit golden shimmer pants (high waisted preferably) and a purple V-necked, low-backed top. A thick gold necklace/choker will do!