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Wear A Tennis Skirt Not For Tennis Playing

Every girl should have a tennis skirt in her wardrobe even if she does nto play the sport. This is an apparel piece. Fashion! Fashion has no limitations and sets none for people. You can wear a tennis skirt to a party if you want to but you hit a snag when it comes to styling your tennis skirt outfit. No? A trick that many girls miss, is that an outfit could be balanced and color matched but there is always one single item in every look that makes it the big deal. It can either be your choice of footwear or something as small as a necklace. Here are a few key items you can add to your tennis skirts’ outfit:


Socks are a big deal in sports and everybody wears them with either shin pads or some other protection. And seeing as tennis skirts are mainly sports fashion you can add a pair of socks in your outfit to look the part. You can go for crew or knee high socks, these 2 heights are most acceptable. Pick a pair in a matching color with your skirt.

Simple Sneakers

With tennis skirts you want to keep your look simple, casual and laid back. Nothing flashy and over the top! In that way you are guaranteeing your effortless beauty as well as a perfectly balanced outfit. Unless you are going for a lavish look with off shoulder tops and fishnet tights, then always choose sneakers.


There are some tennis skirts which have belt buckles but you can personalize buckles on to your tennis skirt from any tailor or DIY them yourself. Or instead of belt loops you can make thread loops with this DIY tutorial. Petite and narrow belts are best to be paired with tennis skirts. NOOSA stocks a bunch of them and you can have an idea of what you are aiming for.