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Fresh farmhouse inspiration ideas with flowers

If you have stairs in front of your front door, it is best to decorate them with pots. Whatever their size and shape, the pots are synonymous with beauty and accentuate the entrance of a home with their rustic and peasant look, but at the same time they are elegant and original. Whether in terracotta, stone, glass or even colored tiles, the flowerpot is an essential element if you want to welcome people who enter your home or greet those who leave by bringing them joy and color.

Adorn your vases with different flowers and place them on either side or on two opposite sides of the stairs to accentuate the entrance of your home. Geraniums, gerberas, hydrangeas or small trees, anything that can help you decorate. Especially in this summer time and the beautiful flowers of the season you can make a very elegant appearance.