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Beautiful Landscaping With Hydrangea Ideas

Landscaping with hydrangeas has long been popular for its mesmerizing depiction of beautiful flowers and leaves. Here are 18 ways to do it!

1. Increase curb appeal

Landscaping with hydrangeas (2)_mini

Hydrangeas have a long flowering period and beautiful flowers. Therefore, it is a good idea to plant them outside your house in the front yard to create an alluring view.

2. Increase privacy

Hydrangeas come in so many varieties and sizes. You can grow a suitable variety depending on your climate and zone. Because of their dense foliage, hydrangeas are a good plant to plant if you want more privacy. Think about your garden seating area – if you want to cover it for privacy, grow hydrangeas around it.

3. Display stunning combinations

You can create beautiful container arrangements by growing hydrangeas with other plants with similar growth requirements, just like in the blue pot above, consisting of hydrangeas, alyssum and dichondra.

4. Create the illusion of an enlarged spaceLandscaping with hydrangeas (13)_mini

Beautiful and colorful! Grow hydrangeas near the walls or borders of your garden. Hydrangeas come in cool colors, and cool colors when used near borders, borders, and walls create the illusion of an enlarged space.

5. Grow them in containers

Landscaping with hydrangeas (8)_mini

Grow hydrangeas in pots to add a touch of color to even the smallest spaces in your garden and home. Another advantage is that you can keep them indoors even when it’s frosty.

6. Best Fence Deck Plants Hydrangea in landscape format (2)_mini

Grow hydrangeas closer to the fence of your garden to hide the ugly and boring appearance. You can also grow climbing hydrangeas, although they are slow growing but grow similarly to other climbing hydrangeas.

7. Perfect flowering plants for a small garden


Hydrangeas are perfect for growing on a small patio, patio or balcony garden. You can grow them in decorative planters and fancy containers and display them in the most visible spot in your garden.

8. Handle paths well

Stunning view of the blooming hydrangeas along the walkway. Since garden paths look boring alone, you can add some color to them by growing hydrangeas.

9. You don’t need a garden to grow it

Landscaping with hydrangeas (12)_mini

You don’t need a garden to grow hydrangeas. You can leave it alone in a location where it gets full sun but afternoon shade to create a beautiful display.

10. Try them in hanging baskets

Landscaping with hydrangeas (9)_mini

Hydrangeas are a little difficult to grow in hanging baskets, but nothing is impossible. They look enchanting in hanging baskets and resemble a colorful chandelier.

11. Ideal shrub for garden borders

Landscaping with hydrangeas (3)_mini

Hydrangeas look elegant and attractive in garden borders and add charm in summer. You can also grow them in partial shade under the light shade of a tree.

12. Your best eye-catcher

Landscaping with hydrangeas (14)_mini

Grow hydrangeas in a large, striking planter and place it in your garden where it will catch the eye of visitors. This is a great idea to create a focal point for your garden.

13. Create flower beds

Landscaping with hydrangeas (15)_mini

You can create flower beds from hydrangeas. If you want to grow other flowers with it, choose those that require similar growing conditions. With hydrangea you can grow foxgloves, impatiens and black-eyed Susans.

14. Plant hydrangeas with foliage plants

Landscaping with hydrangeas (1)_mini

If you have a terrace garden, grow hydrangeas there and decorate them with their varied colors. Plant it in a place where it will not be exposed to the blazing sun. Plants like Hosta and Heuchera go well with it.

15. Grow the plant on a balcony, terrace, roof or even a windowsill

Growing hydrangeas in pots is very popular. You can easily grow it in a balcony garden or anywhere you like – it looks beautiful.

16. Create a Japanese garden

Landscaping with hydrangeas (11)_miniSet up a Japanese garden with stones, pebbles and bamboo mats and grow hydrangeas there. Since hydrangeas are native to oriental countries, it is a good idea to use this plant in a Japanese garden.

17. Perfect for flower boxes

You can grow dwarf hydrangea varieties in window boxes alone or with other ornamental plants.

18. Best Entrance Plant

Hydrangeas are one of the best-flowering plants in the entrance area. You can grow them in large pots outside your door to enhance your exterior.

Cool fact: The color from Hydrangea flowers can be manipulated by simply changing the pH of the soil.