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How to Wear Pointy Flats

Pointy toe footwear is not scarce in the stores and markets. Everywhere you will see a pair of pointy toe heels and pointy flats. Many women say that pointy toe shoes are way more comfortable than curve toed shoes. There is more room to twiddle and move the toes when there is a point ahead of your shoe. Not to mention they hold a big level of elegance and beauty. Many times you must have seen and noticed celebrities and models on the red carpet were donning pointy shoes. So here is how you can rock pointy flats with the contents of your wardrobe:

Denim Attire

Grab your slim fit or skinny jeans and pair them with a denim shirt of your choice. If you want to choose blue to be your color then play with light and dark shades.

Sheer Dresses

Pointy flats are a perfect way to tone down a bold and sexy ensemble. If you are wearing a sheer dress for the day with strategically placed crosses and cloth pieces then grab your pointy toe flats on the way out. Not only will they be more comfortable to walk in but you can function better in flats.

Belly Baring Outfits

Baring your toned midriff is a great way to add style to your look. Showing off some tummy skin is never trashy or uncultured but is a classy way to show off your taste in fashion and clothing.

Relaxed and Casual

Pointy flats also look good when paired with a laid back outfit. An example of such an effortless outfit would be: V neck top, slim fit denims, any sun hat and mirrored sunglasses.

Dress it Down

Stop worrying about different outfit looks and stuff, pick out a dress from your wardrobe instead. Any dress of any design or style will match with your pointy flats without a hassle.