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How to Wear Long Skirts with Different Tops

Skirts are an embodiment of elegance no matter their style or design. It is worth adding to that list, length as well. You will find that mini/short/midi/long skirts all look really cute and gorgeous if worn properly. Yes, it is very important how you wear long skirts for that can affect your look majorly. Skirts of such length are not as versatile as shorter ones for you cannot simply wear an XL tshirt or sweatshirt over them. You must choose an appropriate top that will make the world’s difference in your outfit. Need a few suggestions or ideas? Take some from here:

Short Tops/Crop Tops

Wearing a top that is the polar opposite of your long skirt is a great idea. No, with this style you should not tuck your shirt in your skirt. Instead go for a shirt that will either show some of your torso (just a peek) or one that perfectly lies right above your long skirts’ begining.

Perfect Length 

If you want a slightly longer choice then pick a shirt that is not too long and not too short either. It should fall around the beginning or middle of your hips. The first picture in the gallery showcases a fitting example of this style look.

Loose Tuck

With this look you want to tuck whichever shirt you have picked out in your skirt but it should be long enough to be pulled out a little. Yes, you do not want to perfectly tuck your shirt in so it can look all perfect. Loosen it a little for that laid back and effortless look.


You will need a thin sweater with less volume so it does not look too bulky. Fold the sleeves up and go for a pair of heels to complete the look. Advised necklines would be V and crew.