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How to Wear Over Knee Boots Stylishly

There is something very stylish and soul capturing about boots that no girl can say no to. Boots hold their own awesomeness that is hard to compete with. And when you add heels to them they become an item almost irresistible. Over knee boots are one of the most liked and talked about items in the market currently. In fact not just currently but every winter when the weather turns icy and girls want to wear something supportive and at the same time comfortable, they whip out their over the knee boots. These boots come in various materials and colors almost urging you to add them to your wardrobe. On top of that, snow will never find its way into your shoes and freeze your feet. Here are a few tips on how to wear over knee boots:

Keep It Casual

These shoes do look very high glamor but that does not mean you have to treat them like that. Keep your look professional and at the same time casual with a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. Plaid patterns are always more laid back than the others.

Cowgirl Mode On

The boots already look super cowgirl-ish but you can take that up a notch and add a floppy hat to your outfit. Keep your locks open and messy with a loose fitted sweater. A definite yes!

Show Some Skin

Ditch the jeans and leggings and opt for a dress. Dresses that skirt your thighs right above the knees are the most ones worn with over knee boots. Because you can still show off a peep of skin but keeping it safe and casual. Although if you feel the need to wear some leggings opt for sheer ones.

Slouchy for the Weekend

Nothing looks and feels better than a laid back look that is visually appealing and at the same time chic and comfortable. Here are your key items: ripped jeans, leather over knee boots, casual t shirt, over large shrug/sweater, messy bun and some shades. You can knock off a few details here and there to fit your wardrobe but keep it easy.