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Vintage Skirts – What Are They Best Paired With

Designing and choosing outfits is one of the best and most enjoyable activities any lady can indulge in. Not only does designing them give you a fine measurement for color and taste but choosing them helps in organizing your day properly. Vintage skirts are one of those items in a lady’s wardrobe that hold a pristine place and are only selected on special days. But a snag comes up when you can’t find something to pair with one of your vintage skirts. Here are some ideas:

Formal Shirt

If you are going for a plain vintage skirt (grey, black) then a patterned formal shirt is a perfect pairing. Plaid, striped or spotted are types of patterned shirts that you can try out. Tuck your shirt in your skirt and fold up the sleeves for a practical look.


There are numerous types of blouses made of different materials, come in varying colors as well as in different styles. A white blouse can match with literally every type of vintage skirt. You can acquire a sheer blouse as they are a big part of fashion and very classy.

Denim Shirt

The color of denim is extremely attractive and nearly every woman has a denim item in her wardrobe. But denim shirts come from a totally different dimension and are very classy. Not to mention gorgeous. Tuck them in your vintage skirt and you have an elaborate and super tasteful outfit. You can also do a t shirt knot at the front.

Loosely Fitted Shirt

Sometimes you do not have to wear a completely prim and tight outfit to ensure a gorgeous appearance. When wearing a long and drapey vintage skirt choose a loosely fitted shirt (3/4 sleeves are preferred) and tuck in the skirt but not completely. Leave a little of the shirt hanging out creating a casual and effortless effect.