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Where to Position Snake Plants in the Home

Find this The Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant Indoors? Then we have some cool ideas for you!

Whether you’re a plant lover or just starting your indoor garden, you’ll find this The Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant Indoors can make the difference. In this guide, we will show you beautiful places in your home where your snake plant can thrive without much effort.

The Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant Indoors

1. Near a stained glass window

Place your snake plant near a sunlit glass window, enjoy the natural light and add a touch of vibrant foliage to your space.

2. On the stairs

Take advantage of the often overlooked space on your stairs by placing one or more snake plants. Transform it into a stylish eye-catcher!

3. By the bed

Place a snake plant on or near the nightstand. Its calm presence ensures a calming atmosphere and a restful sleep. Take a small planter.

4. Snake plant on the workbench

Increase productivity in your workplace by adding a snake plant in a terracotta pot to your workbench. The plant radiates calming vibrations.

5. Living Room Table Snake Plant

Decorate your living room table with one or more snake plants. You can also choose contrasting planters as shown in the picture.

6. Near the sink

Bring a touch of nature into your bathroom by placing a snake plant near the sink. It keeps the bathroom fresh.

7. In the corner of the corridor

Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant Indoors 7

Transform a forgotten hallway corner into a lush oasis by adding a snake plant. Make a statement with a large, monochromatic planter.

8. On a reading table

Brighten up your reading corner with a snake plant on the table. You can also highlight it with a reading lamp!

9. Snake plant in the kitchen

Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant Indoors 9

Bring greenery into your kitchen with a snake plant. It will be a nice addition to the herbs and spices on the countertop.

10. Over a wall

Create a stunning visual impact by lining your walls with snake plants. Add a few stones to give it a sophisticated touch.

11. Near the stairs

Decorate the area near your stairs with a snake plant. You can opt for a contrasting planter box and also a wooden stand.

12. Snake plant group decoration idea

Create an indoor decoration by grouping snake plants. This wonderful display will attract everyone’s attention.

13. On the balcony

Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant Indoors 13

Add a snake plant to your balcony. Its robustness and striking leaves make it stand out from all other plants.

14. Table decoration

Make a statement on your table by placing a snake plant as a focal point. Choose a wide planter instead of a tall one.

15. Snake Plant Window

Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant Indoors15

Decorate the windowsill with small varieties of snake plants in different pots. You can also combine these with some vine foliage in hanging pots like pothos.

16. In several plant stands

When it comes to snake plants, you can’t go wrong with multiple plants, especially if you keep them on plant stands in bright colors!

17. Next to a mirror

Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant Indoors 17

Pair your snake plant with a mirror to enhance its beauty. Get inspired by this woven basket planter.

18. In a hanging basket

One or more small snake plants in a hanging basket is all you need by the window!

19. As a room divider

There’s nothing better than sharing a space with a plant! If you have a mini wall, you can decorate it with several!

20. In flower boxes

Decorate the window box by lining it with snake plants. The light from the window ensures they thrive!