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Bowling Shirts – What to Wear With Them

It does not come across as easy for people to dress up to games. Regardless of whether you will be playing them or watching them, you just can’t make up your mind. Will it be the bold colors? The muted hues? No one can ever make up their mind! But if you are headed to bowling game whether to participate or watch or even just mingle, you have to pick out some bowling shirts. In order to look the part expertly you have to know how to dress them up properly as well. Here are a few suggestions you can contemplate:

Black/Grey Bowling Shirts

If you have a bunch of those then they are best paired with denim jeans. Not just any jeans, but equally dark jeans. Say maybe, dark wash or a pair of sleek black denim jeans.

Light Colored Bowling Shirts (green, teal, blue..etc)

Bowling rooms and clubs are supposed to be well ventilated and airy to help with the tension and stress going around. It makes complete sense to pair that atmosphere with a wide and light colored bowling outfit. If you have a bowling shirt in any light color, pair it with khaki shorts. Khaki goes with everything!

Simple Bowling Shirt Outfit

Go for a simple and trendy outfit if you are not really feeling the whole bowling vibe. Some like to stay for a short period of time and some just come for their friends. If either one of these are you then opt for a simple bowling shirt and a pair of jeans. Match with sunglasses.


Although this is not related to going to a bowling club, bowling shirts make great formal outfits. If you are headed over to an event where you have to wear anything formal go for a dark-hued bowling shirt with dress pants and a pair of glossy dress shoes.